Three generations. A shared passion.

Our boards

At AFC Woodboards we are committed to delivering high-quality, beautifully handcrafted surfskateboards and longboards.
We offer two setup options: fully equipped, which come with leading Miller XRKP II surfskate trucks, or just the deck for those who would prefer to customise their board.

Please note that due to the nature of wood, each deck will differ slightly from the picture shown. Each deck is signed by its designer and delivered with a serial number.

Our story

Three generations. Grandfather, father and son. A shared passion and deep knowledge of woodcraft. And so AFC Woodboards is born!

Born in 2019 through combining carpentry expertise and years of experience in environmental management, AFC Woodboards is a family-run brand of handcrafted surfskateboards and longboards. Focusing on the increasingly popular streetsurf sport, AFC is ecologically responsible and sustained by the 3Rs environmental policy: Reduce, Reutilise, Recicle.

AFC Woodboards designs, develops and produces its boards from repurposed wood, bringing to the market a premium product that is eco-friendly, sustainable and 100% Portuguese. Our goal is to enable incredible streetsurf and promote being outside whilst respecting the environment.

Gonçalo Sassetti

AFC Woodboards Founder

António Ferreira da Costa

AFC Woodboards Product Designer

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Ateliers da Penha
Alto Varejão 10A, 1900-291 Lisboa
Dream Catchers - LX Factory
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Tv. Navegantes 17 Loja 1, 2750-443 Cascais

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The Collective SurfShop
Av. 1º de Maio nº48-A, 2825-393 Costa da Caparica
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